About Jonathan G. Brill, PLLC

Jonathan G. Brill, PLLC, is a law firm dedicated to its clients. A successful trial attorney in Houston, Texas, once said, “If you are not emotionally involved, your client is not getting your best effort.” – Joe Jamail.

Jonathan G. Brill, PLLC, practices Joe’s mantra and becomes emotionally involved with every client. Victims suffering serious or catastrophic injuries at the hands of others need a lawyer willing to relate the client’s situation and aggressively pursue each claim. Often, the only way to rectify the pain and suffering caused by a serious injury is financial compensation. And Jonathan G. Brill, PLLC, pursues every avenue to get the compensation necessary to pay medical bills, replace motor vehicle costs, expenses, lost income, and for pain and suffering.

Experienced, Efficient Personal Injury Representation For Romney, West Virginia, And Hampshire County Clients

Jonathan G. Brill, PLLC, carefully selects each case to ensure that each client gets the prompt, professional and passionate attention necessary to resolve the claim. Jonathan G. Brill represents clients injured in motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, construction accidents, workplace accidents, distracted driving accidents, and slip-and-fall accidents. Jonathan also represents victims of crimes, defective products, serious injuries and wrongful death.

Sometimes, insurance companies refuse to pay for your injuries. Jonathan G. Brill also represents clients battling insurance companies over insurance disputes, insurance bad faith and insurance coverage issues.

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