Did A Distracted Driver Cause A Motor Vehicle Accident That Seriously Injured You?

Distracted driving, often by people or motorists talking on a cellphone or sending text messages on a cellphone, causes thousands of injuries and deaths each year. Often, the victim of a car crash does not become aware of another driver’s use of a cellphone while driving until an experienced personal injury attorney thoroughly investigates the case and acquires the at-fault driver’s cellphone records.

Jonathan G. Brill carefully and thoroughly investigates each distracted driving accident to determine whether the driver causing the car crash was distracted at the time of the collision. Jonathan G. Brill and Jonathan G. Brill, PLLC, rely upon experience, legal knowledge, dedication to clients and personal service to fully investigate the negligent party. Gathering the necessary information from the at-fault driver allows Jonathan G. Brill to get full payment for lost income, medical bills, vehicle replacement costs, and pain and suffering. And oftentimes, Jonathan G. Brill pursues the claim in court.

Have you or a loved one been seriously injured by a distracted driver of a commercial vehicle, 18-wheeler, tractor and trailer, or “big rig”? Have the serious injuries permanently disabled you or a relative, putting you out of work for the rest of your life? Did a loved become the victim of wrongful death?

Jonathan G. Brill is a lawyer who is personally and professionally committed to every case, ensuring that he helps his clients get their life back on track. And Jonathan G. Brill, PLLC, takes every distracted driving case on a contingency basis, meaning that the client pays no fees unless Jonathan G. Brill wins the case. Call us today in Romney, West Virginia, for a free consultation.